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The nineties was the decade of Dance, R&B and Brit pop. The beginning of the 90's saw the advent of techno and Euro Pop. Early nineties techno acts like 2 unlimited, Culture beat and Haddyway made floor filling classics. In the mid 90's brit pop made the UK cool Britannia and by the late 90s Garage music evolved into Uk Garage and R&B became Mainstream.

In the 90's, 80's megastar Michael Jackson (rip) could still make a great record, although if asked about "stranger in Moscow" we would say he was no stranger there than anywhere else. In the 90's old skool was still brand new and Reggae acts like Ub40, Chaka Demas and Pliers, Inner Circle and Bitty Mclean all had huge chart success.

Brit Pop

By the 90's electronic synthesizer sounds of the eighties had become stale so acoustic based Brit pop bands like Blur, Pulp, Oasis, and the Verve refreshed the music scene and helped make the Nineties in to the decade of "Cool Britannia". Cheesy music hadn't entirely disappeared but the Spice Girls gave it some girl power, and like Take That have made a comeback.

Retro 90's DJ

Some people get to a certain age and think the music today is pants compared to when they where younger. However Pro Mobile Disco is of the opinion that at any point in UK chart music history there was both really good and really bad music around. For a great 90's Party night, the DJ needs to be able to leave out all the music that is best forgotten and play only the top tunes that will pack the dance floor. The 90's saw an explosion of different music styles and so in a 90's party the DJ has loads of music choose from. If you liked Brit pop the DJ should not be wasting time on 90's party dances like the Macerana or that classic from Wigfield Saturday night. Or if you do like it a little cheesy then there's Steps, S club, Back street boys and Britney. Pro Mobile Disco started back in 1978 and performed Mobile Discos at 90's parties throughout the entire 1990s. An experienced Party DJ is essential for a successful disco party and we have that experience to help turn your occasion into a super celebration.

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Contact pro mobile disco for a 90s music DJ in London, Essex, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Kent or Berkshire. We also specialise in other retro music theme parties and have Sixties music DJs that have the top pop and chart music from the 1960s. 70s DJ who will spin the dynamite disco and dance music from the 1970s and 80s music mobile discos that can make it a fun theme night party. Or we can mix the whole lot up and play the dance floor killers from all decades.

Call Pro Mobile disco for 90s Music DJ's R&B, Garage, Britpop, House, Oldskool 90s music DJ in London, Essex Herts berkshire and across the UK.