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A Mobile Disco in Hemel Hempstead is a versatile way of providing party entertainment for any special occasion. If you are planning a party and searching the internet for ideas then we hope this is where Pro Mobile Disco comes in. We can provide a party DJ in Hemel Hempstead that can play all sorts of different music styles from any decade. Our experience and range in music makes us a great choice for Weddings, Birthdays, Ladies Nights, Theme night partys such as 70s discos 80s retro nights or any social celebration.


For a DJ its the unfortunate truth that the vast majority of people will buy a car or even a house far more often then hiring a Mobile Disco. If you want to hire a Mobile Disco in Hemel Hempstead and checking website's for ideas you will notice every DJ will make more or less the same claims, and that is expected. Obviously no DJ will say they have only just started or done just a few partys and none similar to the type you are planning. All will say they are highly experienced with a vast track record going back years in all kinds of events. No DJ will say that they are using 20 year old equipment which was bought cheap from Ebay but all will claim that their Mobile Disco set up as state of the art. The truth is if you want to hire a great DJ you know will deliver its best to hire a highly recommended DJ and one you have seen in action. If you do not have a Mobile Disco in mind then its worth taking with a pinch of salt anything you may read on a website, sometimes some of the things written are not true or copied from other website's. We know that last bit is definitely true as there are numerous mobile disco website's around the world that have copied content pictures and our letters of recommendation form the Pro Mobile Disco website. Our hints and tips section has been especially copied by other mobile discos.

Mobile Disco in Hemel Hempstead

The three most important things to consider when hiring a Mobile Disco are, is the DJ able to play the right choice of music for the audience and occasion. Is the Mobile Disco equipment used of high quality, PAT checked and covered with PLI. Thirdly is the DJ reliable and actually turn up and turn up on time. In relation to the first point some people make a terrible mistake of thinking music is not a problem as they can just give the DJ a long playlist. If you also think this then check our hints on this because a long playlist is always and without exception a big mistake, basically a party is always more fun when its spontaneous. Things change all the time during a party and so should the music, it is not possible to pre plan this. Its best to give your DJ a list of your favourite 20 or so tracks and on the night all your guest requests what they want and when they want to hear it. Its harder for the DJ to work like this but the party will have far more energy and will be more fun for everyone. The second point is critical a DJ set up that costs in total less than 1000 will not produce anything like a good sound as a DJ set up where one speaker alone cost more than 1000. These days its also critical that the DJ equipment must be PAT checked as most party venues in Hemel Hempstead will require this as a condition of hire. The third point is also obvious that time is of the essence. A DJ must be reliable and have the show must go on no matter what. By example a few years back Pro Mobile DJ Jim fell down the stairs 20 minutes before leaving for a Wedding party. He heard the crack and knew his hand was badly hurt but carried on and arrived at the party and the show went on and without delay. Later X-rays revealed three badly fractured bones.

If you really cant make your mind which DJ to hire don't be tempted to think that the most expensive will be the best Mobile Disco in Hemel Hempstead and the Cheapest will be a load of rubbish. There will always be a range in DJ prices and some mobile discos will set themselves apart from other DJs by charging high rates giving the impression that they must be more professional. They will do less jobs but make up for it by charging more money. We are a high quality Mobile Disco in Hemel hempstead but our rates for DJ hire does not reflect this, by comparison our DJ hire rates represent exceptional value for money. Pro Mobile Disco is the DJ hire service that will always deliver what's promised.


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We are a Mobile Disco in Herts and travel to all areas of Hertfordshire includingWGC, Hatfield, Watford and Hemel Hempstead and supply DJs in Cheshunt. We also provide Mobile Discos in Hoddesdon and across the whole Herts area. Its your special celebration and your the star, we can supply the right music played on a quality sound system at the right time and at the right volume. We have the real time party experience to make your occasion the special celebration you are planning. Contact us for great value professional Mobile discos in Hemel Hempstead for Weddings, birthdays or any special celebration.