How to run a mobile disco and get DJ work.
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You may have found this webpage if you are thinking about, or have recently set up a mobile disco business and looking to get some extra DJ work. What follows are our thoughts on the subject and hope this advice will help. We have included a link at the end of this page so you can send us your details for inclusion in a free DJ directory. Our only conditions for this are that you are honest in the way you describe yourself and you do not copy material from other websites. If you discount radio DJs you will be one of the two main types of DJ. These are Club DJs and Mobile DJs, you could also be aiming to cover both areas.

Club DJs

If you are a wannabe Club DJ then you should be already into the club scene and know the music well enough to start putting together your own set. Before you start you will need some DJ gear to practice on and some space at home to dedicated to your DJ work. Its a cliche but being a bedroom DJ is your first step to DJ stardom. As a club DJ you will need to beat match and mix the music perfectly, so spend hours at your decks, practice, practice and practice some more. At this stage do not spend a fortune as the DJ equipment you use at home does not have to be of the highest quality. You are not going on the road with this DJ gear because the clubs you will work in will have very expensive DJ systems already installed. However to familiarise yourself with the expensive and new equipment you may wish to attend Shows like BPM and Plasa so you can get your hands on, and play with the latest high spec DJ systems. Its not good to be operating DJ equipment during a live show when you only know what three buttons do. If you play at lots of different clubs expect to use lots of different DJ systems.

Getting the first jobs can be as easy as ringing round lots of clubs and asking if there are any off peak slots available. Do not expect to get paid and always ensure you bring lots of your friends to fill out the dance floor. Hopefully this will impress the club management and they will offer you something more permanent. Your first gigs in small clubs will give you the experience to take to the next level. If you can get people onto the dance floor that are not just your friends you are on the way to making it as a club DJ, especially if you can do this during off peak slots. To make money your aim is to be behind the club decks for the busiest time slot in the best club. If you do this then congratulations, you have made it.

Unfortunately as a club DJ there will lots of competition so you need to stand out from the crowd, social media will play a massive part in your success as a DJ. In the past it was just about the music, (think radio one DJs of the 70's and 80's), today your DJ image is very important. A face book page and twitter account will tell your growing number of fans what's going on and where you will be playing. Your face book page should be full of photos and blogs about previous successful nights all of which will show you as a fantastic DJ. If you have your own website and strong online presence this will be a big plus for any club that hires you, more work will follow as a result. Your aim should be to always raise your profile and thus creating your reputation as a brilliant DJ separate from any club you work in. It may be that you get jobs in the clubs that have the best reputations but for you to be a success you need a reputation that goes beyond just those clubs. Ultimately what you want is people talking about you and not the club you work in. Use social media to get the ball rolling and don't be shy, after all, you are wonderful and they need to know it.

We tend to stay away from the club work nowadays so if you are a club DJ you are not in competition with pro mobile disco. For this reason if you are trying to establish yourself send us your details and we can include you in our directory. Do this by clicking Party Services and adding your details.

If you are not a DJ but planning a one off party and are trying to pick up some DJ tips so you can provide your own music its really not worth it, hire a DJ instead. Hiring a reliable DJ with decent mobile disco equipment will normally be cheaper than hiring the mobile disco equipment and doing the music yourself.

Mobile DJs

In many ways being a mobile disco DJ is completely different to the role of a club DJ, sure its a party, its playing music but a mobile DJ normally will normally never play to the same people at the same venue twice. Every occasion will be different and every audience will be different ages, tastes in music so everyday will be a first day at work. Click Be A Mobile DJ for a bit more info on how to set up a mobile disco and get work as a party DJ.