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You may have found this webpage as you are looking to set up a mobile Disco or are trying to get some more DJ work. As long as you can show you are reliable, professional and honest about your experience we can include your details in our DJ directory. Click on the DJ directory link to send us your details. We are not mobile disco agents and this service is free so include as much details as you like. However do not copy material from other web sites as this is easy to check and breaks copyright law.

Many people start a mobile disco because they know someone that's already working in this area. Most mobile DJs will not start from scratch but help their DJ friend, normally as a roadie. If you find yourself in the role of a DJ roadie and looking to get to the next level offer to play the music at the beginning of the party so your DJ friend can take it easy. Do not to play the floor filling popular music that you know everyone will like as this should be saved for later and will defiantly annoy your DJ friend if he has to respin tracks from earlier. If the person hiring the mobile disco has sent a DJ music playlist this is an opportunity to play some of the more obscure tracks and other similar music at a lower volume level. In parties such as weddings, birthdays etc people expect to have a chat and something to eat and drink before the dancing gets going so its essential to warm up the audience with a low key start. In family parties too loud, too soon is a turn off for most people.

DJ Equipment

To set up your own mobile disco you will need DJ equipment and unfortunately even the cheap stuff costs a fortune. Its a quandary, to get work you will need to invest in mobile disco equipment but without work how can pay for this equipment. Once again your DJ friend who you have been helping out may be kind to you and lend you some disco gear. If not you will have to bite the bullet and buy the best you can afford and look to upgrade later.

Once you get your own set of mobile Disco equipment together and branch out on your own as a DJ you will need work. Hopefully your DJ friend will now help you and send some work your way. Make contact with other DJs in your area and although these are your competition they may help you if you offer them a commission. If they are already booked and an enquiry comes in then rather than saying no they may say yes I have a perfect DJ that can help. In time you will start to develop your own client base but most private individuals only very rarely book a mobile disco. For example if you did a great wedding party for a couple it will be 25 years before you get rebooked for there silver wedding anniversary. Instead getting in with a party venue should be one of your main aims. A party venue will have functions all the time and if they recommend you then bingo your a busy DJ.

Whats your target Audience?

Are you a corporate function and high class Wedding DJ or are you aiming for cheap as possible kids party's. Most mobile Discos are very versatile so will usually aim to do both. However do not kid yourself, to focus on the top end work you need to present yourself well, have lots of experience and quality mobile disco equipment to back you up. If you are starting out and haven't invested thousands of pounds in a professional mobile DJ system the corporate client will not be impressed. For mobile discos its best for DJs to always buy the highest quality they can afford and upgrade later. Generally cheap secondhand high quality DJ equipment is better than Cheap new DJ equipment. However always do your research as technology has moved on and something that was really expensive a few years ago can be made to the same quality today far cheaper. Shows like BPM and Plaza will give you a chance to check out the latest gear.

With party's such as weddings, birthdays and other family party's expect to play a range of music from the last 50 years but mixing and beat matching are not so important as in the clubs. So although you will have to listen to and be familiar with lots of different kinds of music you do not need to dedicate as many hours to practicing your mixing skills. A comprehensive music knowledge is essential but you will also need to be a people person and have plenty of commonsense. The first few hours of any mobile disco job is involved in logistics. Prior to any performance equipment needs to be checked and loaded into transport. You will need to get to the party venue in good time regardless of weather conditions or traffic hold ups. When you set up the equipment you will need to do this in the most efficient way. Generally the first thing we look for when we arrive at a venue is the best way in with the equipment and quickest way out. At the end of the night the way you came in, may be clogged with party goers saying goodnight so having alternatives helps. With personnel injury claims on the rise you need to set up with safety in mind, so there can be no loose cables or objects for your public to trip on. This apply's to not just the performance but before and especially after the show.

Helping out a more experienced DJ is a great way to dip your toe in the water and learn some of the tricks of the mobile disco trade but unfortunately this can also lead to picking up some bad habits. If you copy everything from a DJ who has been around for decades who in turn copied everything from a DJ from the year dot your DJ style and knowledge may already be old fashioned. Learn from the experience of others but develop your own style. As a mobile party DJ, every party you will ever play at will be different and even after many years you will sometimes make some mistakes, with time the mistakes will be less noticeable but there will always be room for improvement. The DJ and mobile Disco world is very competitive and there will always be someone who will do the same job cheaper than you. That however does mean they will offer the same standard of mobile disco or be as good a DJ as you. In fact the disco dancing public will always pay a bit more for quality so if you are starting out as a mobile DJ its best to aim to be the best rather than provide the cheapest mobile disco. There are lots of DJs that will work cheap but aim to be amongst the best and most professional who work well. If you can do this then send us your details on the above link for inclusion in our DJ directory.