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If you are looking for the cheapest mobile disco and do not care about the quality then there's no need to continue reading, we are not the mobile disco for you. Hiring a Mobile Disco is like all things in life you get what you pay for. A Cheap Mobile Disco is never worth the money because its cheap for a reason, and a cheap DJ service will not often be cheerful. Instead it may just be cheap and nasty. However when you book a Mobile Disco its often the case that the most expensive DJ service will not be the best. Some Mobile Discos only want to do a few jobs so overcharge and have very high rates to give the impression they are exclusive and a cut above the competition.

There is massive competition in the Mobile DJ industry so there's great reason to shop around. If you are looking for a quality DJ hire and Mobile Disco that will deliver what's promised at affordable rates you have come to the right web page.

We can provide a professional a DJ service at very competitive rates because we are not a disco agency and there is no middle man. Most people do not realise that if they book the recommended DJ that comes with the venue, the venue will often want a slice of the action. On top of this the venue will usually go through an agent who will also require a fee. In our experience if you book the DJ for your party via the venue up to 50% of the DJ's fee will not go to the Mobile Disco. So you will pay a high price for a cheap mobile disco.

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Recently we were asked if could match a lowest quote, our answer was no. If you want a DJ with no experience and poor quality equipment you will get what you have paid for. If you are organising a party it should be considered it is the entertainment that most people will remember after the event. For example how many times have you heard someone say "it was a great party, the sausage rolls were fantastic", or "the balloon arrangements really made the night"? It is much more likely you will hear people talking about the DJ for instance "great DJ, brilliant party" or "rubbish DJ and I went home early". So if you are on a tight budget its best to cut back on the things people will not notice. It seems obvious a good DJ, able to read the crowd and play the right mix of music to suit all tastes is far more important than paying that bit extra to make sure the table linen matches the flower arrangements.

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One reason Pro Mobile Disco can offer great value DJ Hire is because all our equipment is owned by us, we only need to hire in extra equipment on rare occasions or if our clients have special requirements. This means no additional expense is passed on to our clients and we can ensure a value for money Mobile Disco service.

When you consider the overall cost of organising a party our low cost disco rates represent unbeatable value for money. If you are working within a tight budget we can often tailor our shows to ensure you get the professional DJ service you need, and your party is remembered as the brilliant celebration it should be. On our contact page we invite you to indicate your budget. Its not essential this is filled in but we do this because some people want state of the art sound systems specifically balanced to match the venue, lazars and other special effect lighting etc where as other people just want a sound system that will do the job and a basic light show. We will not charge you for things you do not want or do not need.

We are not a Cheap Mobile Disco but Pro Mobile Discos can supply great value DJ hire that is truly worth the money. We offer a low cost DJ service when compared to other professional mobile discos in London or anywhere in the UK. Our DJs are experience reliable and experienced party professionals. Pro Mobile Disco is perfect for theme night events and supplies 70s music djs and poptastic rates for 80s night djs. We provide cheap mobile discos at of peak times and have low cost dj hire in London for regular or repeat disco hire bookings. Professional mobile DJs at Low Hire Rates and Cheap mobile discos for weddings, birthdays and any special party Event.