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The contents of the PRO MOBILE DISCO web site must not be copied in any respect without prior written consent.

They say imitation is the highest form of flattery and we should know. Articles, images and complete text pages from our web site have been illegally copied by hundreds of other mobile discos around the world. If you want to hire a professional party DJ hire the original Pro Mobile Disco.

If you are building a new website and think a quick way to do this is by copying elements from existing sites you should know that it is illegal and easy to check. Search engines hate website's that have copied from others and will destroy your SEO score. You risk your website being banned and prosecution under copyright law.

Linking to us or any established website is a much better idea and will improve your internet rankings. There is also no need to copy because if you send us with a polite email with your details we will usually include you in our free DJ directory, especially if you operate outside our areas. If you are just starting out we are also pleased offer advice on how to kick start your DJ career.

All rights reserved PRO MOBILE DISCO.

We are aware of many dozens of |Mobile Discos here in the UK and around the world that have copied text and images from the Pro Mobile Disco web site but are in no way associated with us. In all cases we take steps to have the web sites permanently closed down but sometimes this takes time so clients can be misled. We would advise any one wishing to hire a Mobile Disco not to hire a DJ who illegally copies material from other web sites or has nothing original of their own to say.

The original Pro Mobile Discos and DJ hire.