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Pro Mobile Disco is up to date with the current music of all styles and will always endeavor to add to our collection any requested new music we do not yet have. However chart music is never the same two weeks running, what was a dance floor smash one week may quickly pass its play by date and is soon just plain boring.

In the context of a party we generally refer to chart music in one of two ways depending on the type of party you are having. If its a family party Like a Wedding etc people will often consider music that has been very popular at some point in the last 2 or 3 years as chart Music. Records are no Longer in the charts but in a family party with a wide age range its best for the DJ to play records that sold massive amounts over a long period of time and that everyone knows. These are the records that had a great deal of exposure both on the radio and TV.

The other type of party is usually for Teenagers and Chart or current Music often needs to be refined to an exact style. People who like R & B might like Garage and Bashment but they probably will not like rock, pop or indie music etc, so even if its a number one its a non starter. When we perform at parties for Teenagers or at 18th parties it really is a case of knowing what's in that week and more importantly what's best to leave out. Its always helpful to know what the groups preferred music choices are, and so we ask for a play list of requested music in advance. Normally for a teenagers party we are sent a huge list amounting to almost a 100% play list. At any other kind of party 100% do not work but for this type of party a play list is essential. We will always try to source music we do not have as long as its legally available and on UK release.

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At some parties we play Urban Music and we can provide DJs who play a selection of
  • Funky House music
  • RnB DJs
  • Garage
  • Bashment

Pro Mobile Disco has professional party DJs that play the great sounds from the UK charts. We play music from the current indie, rock, club, r&B and dance charts. Our Mobile Discos will play requests from a huge selection of current and recent hit music.

Chart Music DJ's Playing new RnB, Hip Hop, Indie, rock and pop as well as classic tracks and old skool.