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If you have landed here looking for a great and affordable Mobile Disco in the Dagenham area click the Back Home button to go to our main website. In the early summer of 2012 DJ Jim was rehearsing in Dagenham east london for the opening ceremony of the London olympic games. As well as a party DJ Jim also treads the boards in theatre productions and has played everything from clowns to emperors and even the dame in Panto. What ever the occasion or scale of the event we will always deliver 100% commitment and a professional approach. What follows is a continuing account of Jim's Olympic ceremony rehearsals in Dagenham east London.

By the third rehearsal we had moved outside and to the old Ford plant at Dagenham. Unfortunately that is way over in east London and as there was pressure to ensure a reliable tube and train network during the Olympics there were many engineering works timed for weekend rehearsal days. The journey to and from Dagenham was a pain but at least we were all given a travel card and a ride on a bendy bus from the nearest tube station to the rehearsal site.

From this point the whole WMW group would be involved so it took a while for everyone to arrive and we waited in a huge marquee. There were two rehearsal areas, one on each side of the marquee. This was so two segments of the show could be rehearsed at the same time. During breaks it was possible to sneak over to the other side and snoop. A group called swing out sisters were often pushing beds around and another group called Thanks Tim would be dancing their socks off.

At this first weekend our rehearsal space was basically a massive car park that had pot holes all over it and the Mass Team (mass movement) referred to it as Beirut. By the second week a lovely new tarmac surface had been laid but as it was only a temporary surface so there was no drainage. Unfortunately 2012 was one of the wettest on record so as the weeks went by we had to get used to working in deep puddles and getting very wet.

By now we had been divided into different areas and these were named after counties. Imagining England's green and pleasant land as counties A was county Ayshire, B was Berkshire, C was Cornwall, D was Devon etc. I was in county J for Jersey and we did know Jersey was not actually in England or a county but I was a Jersey boy and proud of it. Our county had the biggest variety of props to move, a house, barn and two giant chimneys to build. As well as this we were right in the middle of the FOP (field of play) so moving props on and off the set would not be easy.

Our rehearsal area was dedicated to the industrial revolution sequence and the county's were marked out to give us some orientation. This included the six entrances called Voms and where the Royal box would be. There was a ring around the whole area called the M25 outside of which was the off camera area dubbed the black zone. All of this would make up the exact dimensions of the space available in the stadium itself. As weeks went by and more props were added it made it easier to imagine what to expect on performance night.

At these early rehearsals we were told what was being attempted was the biggest live scene change in history but we actually had no idea how difficult it would be. We were actors just pretending to carry props or using lightweight things like tarpaulin sheets instead of turf and traffic cones instead of guard rails. While at Dagenham the mass team began to get a feel for our movement patterns around the FOP and assemble some sort of order from this chaos. It was critical the scene changed happened fast so there were various experiments to established the best way for the working men and women to enter the Field of play. Sometimes we would enter the FOP from one direction other times would all be crouched down in position around the edge and appear from the black zone.

The catering was via a burger van which always had a long queue, so just like when I was at School I brought a packed lunch. There was bottled water by the pallet load just incase we were dehydrated in the hot summer sunshine. No chance of that but fortunately there was also plenty of tea, coffee and hot chocolate. As it rained most of the time, a nice hot chocolate or two went down a treat.

Another group were introduced to us who were known as the Warriors and this would be the group that first emerged from the uprooted tree on the Tor. These were the tough guys who would help us get the heavy props off the field of play or FOP as it was know. Basically on the night we got props to the warriors based on the M25 and they would load these onto carts in the black zone. The black zone was the area the cameras didn't see so it was hectic. The warriors didn't really get the praise they deserved as it was their hard work that allowed the WMW to get back on the FOP and grab the next prop. While at Dagenham other groups appeared such as the Suffragettes who could be heard singing an original suffragette song as they marched around the M25, The Brunels who were already wearing long coats and top hats and then came the Marshals. There were about a 1000 marshals who were the drummers and would enter the field of play by descending from the audience, later they would also form the lines for the athletes parade.

A few weeks into rehearsals the props became more realistic with tarpaulin sheets swapped for astro turf but it was not until we transferred to the stadium that the real size, shape and weight of the props would be apparent. In order to prepare us for the physical challenge our warm up routines became more intense with added crazy stuff. One week about a 1000 of us did the Bus Stop 70s dance routine which must have been a sight for the motorists looking down from the nearby dual carriageway flyover.

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For the olympics security was very tight and photos were strictly forbidden however I was to return to the Dagenham site for the rehearsals of the Paralmypic opening and closing ceremonies and these were more relaxed, so the odd photo was taken. These are photos taken at the Dagenham site during rehearsals for the Paralmypic ceremonies. On the left Coldplay are getting ready to do a rehearsal for the closing ceremony of the Paralmypic games. They did a full run through of the show and were a fab and friendly bunch. The photo on the right is towards the end of the rehearsal and the one in the middle is of DJ Jim standing by one of the wacky machines that were driven around during the show. To expand the pics click on the image.
coldplay at dagenham DJ jim at paralympic rehearsals dagenham Coldplay rehearsing at Dagenhen for the paralympic closing ceromony
If you have found this webpage it may be because you are looking for a Mobile disco in east London or a DJ in Dagenham so have come to the right place. We provide Mobile Discos and DJ hire in Dagenham east London for all occasions. Pro Mobile Disco DJ Jim spent a lot of time in east London during the summer of 2012 rehearsing for some shows this is a continuation of the account of that experience.