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Its your party and pro mobile disco want to do everything we can to make the their celebration the greatest success possible. The music the DJ plays will play a large part in creating the party atmosphere so its important to ensure the music played connects with you and your guests. For this reason the DJ will love to take requests and suggest you send a short list of some of your favourite's to include on the night.

However in the build up to your party we advise against asking your friends and family for their suggestions. Some people ask their guests to include a request when they RSVP the invite, however this is a mistake. Before playing each request the DJ needs to know if the person who requested it is actually in the room. Its also the case that, when asked many people will come up with tracks they, and they alone like. This often results in the DJ having a playlist of strange and obscure tracks that do not connect with the majority of the audience and does nothing to create a happy party atmosphere.

For this reason we suggest about 10 to 25 pre requested tracks is about right. Its also a good idea to include any tunes that you do not want to hear. Your party DJ will have the experience to be able to read the crowd and pro mobile disco will bring a massive selection of chart music from the last 60 years and match the music to the audience and the occasion.

However if you are planning a teenagers party or a school prom night ignore the above. Teenagers and prom night parties are the only occasions when long playlists do work. For a bit more info click on these links.

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