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DJs for Engagement party's need loads of Family party experience. Usually at this type of party it will often be when the two families meet for the first time, and it can be a bit tricky to read the crowd. This can also be true for a Wedding party, but during the Wedding ceremony, the photos afterwards and the Wedding breakfast itself, everyone has a chance to mix and mingle. As In all parties its essential the audience bonds and shares in a collective feeling of goodwill. If the families are complete strangers its worth playing it a bit cool to start with, and give everyone a chance to settle in and get to know each other a bit. An engagement party can sometimes get of to a slow start and so a low key music selection might be more appropriate. This is important because a party has several functions and its difficult for a process of social interaction to take place if the music is too loud, too fast, too soon. However don't worry after a few drinks everyone will be in a party mood and the dance floor will soon fill up.

That said, chances are if its a young couples engagement party they will most probably have plenty of friends all of the same age. So if it is a party for mostly friends then forget whats said in the paragraph above. If everyone already knows each other and there are plenty of party animals then they will want to get into it almost straight away. If its more of a mix of ages and you don't want to get your gran complaining about the noise we recommend you add some time to your party, its best this happens at the beginning of the evening i.e. a standard 8 - 12 midnight party should be extended by perhaps an hour. Its likely older family members will arrive first while younger friends will meet up in the pub, this extra time will allow some quality "get to know you time" for the families and gives gran plenty of time to say hello to everyone, before the younger friends arrive and the dance floor action begins.

For a fantastic Engagement party you will need a DJ that is a good all rounder, who can mix and match the music to suit the crowd and the moment. A DJ who has the back up of a Professional Mobile Disco and the experience to provide you with a wonderful engagement party. We have done dozens if not hundreds of engagement partys and thousands of family parties which makes pro mobile disco the highly experienced DJ service in London, Essex, Herts, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire.

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Pro Mobile Disco is the perfect entertainment solution for all kinds of family parties and supplies Mobile Discos for Engagement parties as well as Weddings reception DJs, Birthday celebrations, Anniversaries - and Christening partys . Pro mobile Disco will supply a reasonable priced quality DJ service for engagement parties in London Essex, Hertfordshire, Berks and Buckinghamshire. Call Pro Mobile Discos for Mobile DJ hire and professional mobile discos at reasonable rates.

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