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Mobile discos in Hatfield can play the perfect soundtrack for your party. If you are planning a Wedding, corporate function, Anniversary celebration or a Birthday party in Hatfield contact pro mobile disco. Our rates for mobile discos and DJ services are very reasonable considering we are very experienced party DJs and we use top quality mobile disco equipment.

We play to all ages and tastes in music so we are equally at home behind the decks at a large corporate function or a School Disco or doing a 70s or 80s theme night party. The music we select and the volume we play at will always depend on the occasion and how the party is developing. For most parties when guests arrive there is a warm up phase so everyone has a chance to chat and enjoy some food and drinks etc. At this time the music is generally more low key and played at a lower volume. However if its a School disco or prom we crash straight in with the most popular music and party tunes and continue with the current top of the pops. Weddings are also sometimes like that as by the time the wedding breakfast is finished everyone is ready to move their grooves on the dance floor. Speeches over its time for first dance then everyone dance. Basically we adapt to the occasion and respond to what the audience wants. We love to take requests and unless its something really naff that only the person asking for would like guarantee to play it (as long as we have it).

If you are looking for a mobile disco in Hatfield or a DJ in Hertfordshire then this is the right webpage. With the experience of performing at thousands of different occasions across the south of England we can help make your event a celebration to remember. We are expert at retro music theme nights and can make it a swinging 60s, 70s Disco, 80s pop party, a great 90s night or a mix of everything including the current club and dance chart selections.

If you need a DJ in Hatfield with PAT (portable appliance test) mobile disco equipment then we have the correct paperwork that shows our DJ sound and light system is safe. PAT is like an MOT for mobile disco equipment and although a lot of party venues do not check, all will require the DJ you hire to have PAT checked equipment as part of the venues insurance. Which ever Mobile Disco in Hatfield you hire you also need a DJ with PLI (public liability insurance). PLI will also be required by the venue and even if the venue doesn't check for this, if something went wrong on the night and your DJ wasn't covered then venue would look to you as the client to cover cost of any damage. Its not worth the risk always hire a mobile disco with PLI and PAT. Imaging if 10 minutes before the party was due to start the venue manager asked the DJ to provide a PAT and PLI cert's and he didn't have these. We are receiving more and more last minute calls because the DJ that was booked has been sent home by the venue. Contact us for a reliable DJs with certificates that show the mobile disco equipment used is also reliable.

Wedding DJ in Hatfield

It is often said that the average wedding costs more than 20 thousand pounds yet only a small part of that is invested in the party entertainment. Several surveys show that the average wedding cake will cost far more than the rates for a good wedding DJ however after the event nobody remembers what the cake tasted like but every remembers if there was lots of dancing. Weddings are great fun family occasions and it is always a privilege to be part of this kind of special celebration. If you are organising your wedding celebration then Pro Mobile Disco will work hard to ensure your day is rounded of by the best possible celebration.

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Hatfield Family Party DJ

Family parties like wedding celebrations, Anniversary, Engagements and Birthday parties bring the whole family together often for the first time in along time. At family celebrations the audience is normally made up from ages 1 to 101 so its essential your party DJ can switch between the current popular music and the greatest floor fillers of any decade and know what will work on the dance floor. Just because its the current number one in the charts or was the biggest selling record of the sixties it may be inappropriate and cause a dance floor walk off. Pro Mobile Disco know what music tracks will get you and you great gran on the dance floor together. This knowledge comes with many years of experience and having performed at thousands different parties.

Contact us for Mobile Discos in Hatfield and DJs across the Hertfordshire area.We cover the whole of the Herts area including Hemel Hempstead, Ware, St Albans, Borehamwood and supply Mobile DJ hire in Welwyn Garden City as well as Hatfield. We provide wedding dj and mobile discos for all occasions. We have specialist 60s, 70s, 80s DJ in Herts with the hits from the 90s till now to make it a fantastic theme night party event.