Hints to avoid booking a Dodgy DJ and unreliable mobile disco. Party Planning tips for your special occasion.
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Help! the DJ hasn't turned up. This is said far more often than you might think, and if you hire a no show mobile disco it could mean your special occasion is ruined. Lets put it into context how often have you waited in for a delivery that was promised in the morning and arrives the following afternoon, or been let down by a builder who has been held up on another job. These things happen, it's an unfortunate fact of life, inconvenient but hardly the end of the world. However if the Mobile disco does not turn up for your Wedding reception it will seem far worse than the end of the world.

Every DJ in the world claims to be 100% reliable, and never fails to turn up or been late etc, but when you are planning a party you need to be sure you hire a DJ that delivers what's promised. Here are our tips to help ensure you do not hire a no show Mobile disco.

If you have been to a party in the last five years and the DJ was brilliant contact the host of the party and see if you can find out who the DJ was. Even if they have not saved the DJs contact details they may remember a name and with that and the wonders of the internet you may be able to get in touch. If the party was five years ago and the DJ is still working then great, you know this DJ will have tons of party experience. Contact the DJ as soon as possible because good Mobile Discos that are well established get booked up early, if you leave it too long the DJ may already be busy.

If you do not already have a reliable DJ in mind you will have to start phoning round and be prepared to speak to several mobile discos. Ask a few questions and a good DJ will also want to ask you several questions to see if they can provide the service you require. If you phone a DJ and within the first breath he has already given you a quote it will mean the DJ doesn't care what the occasion is or what type of music you like and most importantly without checking the date knows he is available. There is a reason why DJs are quick to give quotes and are always available for any date. It may be a chore phoning lots of mobile discos but take your time and you will get a gut feeling of who seems the most reliable and committed to your special occasion.

Look at any references but generally ignore type text in brackets ie "The DJ was the best ever" or "Greatest Mobile Disco we have ever seen" for example because these could be just made up and most probably are. Although we also use some quotes in brackets at the top of this page these are from genuine hand written letters which can be viewed by clicking on DJ Reviews. A good Mobile disco will have lots of genuine letters of reference that go back over many years but watch out for works of fiction.

The other thing to consider is that reference may be for a company but not the DJ you are sent on the night. If you are booking a mobile disco through a large DJ company which claims to have a long and impressive track record, check this also apply's to the DJ you are sent on the night. You may find you are paying for a junior DJ who is still learning the trade.

If you are booking through a mobile disco with lots of DJs on their books, standards will vary so do not be fooled with the phrase "one of our highly trained DJs" there is no such thing. A good DJ needs the natural ability to be able to read the crowd, a huge knowledge of all kinds of music and loads of party DJ experience. Party experience can only come with time and making mistakes at all kinds of occasions.

When you hire mobile disco its essential you get a written contract with an address and a land line telephone number you can contact at anytime. Dodgy DJs will not want to put anything in writing and always prefer to use a mobile Number. Don't be surprised if this type of DJ lets you down at the last minute. A lot of the last minute phone calls we get are because the DJ was hired informally and on the night hasn't shown up or eventually turned up claiming to have got the dates or times wrong. Pro Mobile disco will always confirm in writing with a two stage booking process so the are never any misunderstandings. We turn up on time every time.

If you have booked the mobile disco a long time in advance, keep in contact. The night before your big day you don't want to find out your DJ moved to Australia six months ago.

Phone your Mobile Disco a final time, a day or so before your party to double check everything is still ok and to get the DJs mobile phone number just in case, also be sure to give him yours (or the number of someone who can solve problems in an emergency). Pro Mobile disco will arrange a time convenient with you and we phone normally 3 days before your party for a final details check.

If you are planning a party one of the most important factors is the party entertainment so its best to organise this yourself. Most of the last minute calls we get are because someone else arranged the Mobile disco hire. We often hear a story along the lines of "my friend said he would get his brothers mate to do the disco and he hasn't turned up". If that happens there is no party.

Its your party so it has to be right on the night, do not hire a DJ with less than 5 years experience. Everyone has got to learn some how, but you will regret paying an inexperienced DJ to experiment on your special occasion. Its also an unfortunate fact that many less established DJs cant get enough work to gain the experience they need or for the mobile disco business to be financially viable for them. For this reason many new mobile disco companies fold in the first two years often letting down any clients they do have at the last minute.

Is it a surprise? well can your DJ keep a secret? If you are planning a surprise party, don't book a Mobile Disco that might give the game away. For some separate advice on planning a surprise party check out our Mobile Disco for a surprise party page.

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We know the advice offered on this page is useful because like so many pages from the Pro Mobile Disco website it has been copied word for word by other DJs who have added this advice to their own sites. When planning a party our first piece of advice therefore is to perhaps avoid mobile discos and DJs who are not original enough to come up with their own material. If you are a DJ looking for ideas to build your website linking to us instead of copying will improve your search engine position.

Pro Mobile Disco is based in North London and provides a reliable DJ service that is worth the money. We do not use cheap Mobile Disco equipment, and have dedicated professional DJs who you can trust to get the party started. Planning a party can be a very stressful experience So please check our extra tips on finding a reliable DJ service on the Mobile Disco Hire page. For a great Party avoid rubbish mobile discos and inexperienced DJs and hire a professional party DJ from Pro mobile disco