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National Association of DJs Member Jim Costello

My DJ career started back in 1978 when my elder brother, who was quite well known as a local DJ, asked me to cover a children’s party. It turned out to be more of a mix of adults than children and I had to adapt fast. As he was helping someone else that night he lent me his entire record collection. And so, at the tender age of 13 armed with a comprehensive selection of music I made my first public performance. It was a steep learning curve, with people asking for records I had never heard of. However by doing a frantic search I was able to play much of the requested music. By mistake I played a few b sides and at least twice got the record speed wrong. That night was a baptism of fire, but it gave me a confidence to develop an interest in being a DJ. After this I was sometimes allowed to tag along with my brother or his other DJ friends and I picked up many tricks of the trade. In about November 1980 I had the most toe cringing DJ experience ever, so embarrassing I can only retell the moment on a separate webpage ( Jim’s embarrassing DJ moments).

It wasn’t until 1981 and with the help of a friend, Shaun James I set up my own Mobile disco. At this time I was still at school and we had to rely on local taxi firms to get all the equipment to gigs. Once when we couldn’t hire a taxi we got the gear to the venue via tube train and a shopping trolley. We called ourselves sound affex Mobile discos, and we were rubbish. By 1984 Shaun and I had gone our separate ways but I had passed my driving test, got a big van and was able to seriously expand. At that time disco equipment was generally less sophisticated than it is now, but I wanted to create a wow factor on first sight. I acquired a bigger light show; and re-branded sound affex into special effects mobile disco. I acquired as much music from every style I could, as I realized that this is the real key to being a good DJ.

picture of Dj jim costello and Shaun Nielson James in the very early 80s

Me and Shaun, doing an office party back in 1982, Shaun's the one in the silly hat. Shaun has now gained fame as the internationally famous and brilliant artiste Shaun Nielsen James.

Towards the end of the mid eighties I started organising river boat parties. I never made any money but riverboat parties were always a great laugh. We have some video of one of these parties somewhere and we will add a clip to this site, the hair styles were amazing. About then I met my wife Cathy, normally for our clients Cathy is the first point of contact, she makes sure everything goes to plan and that I don't turn up on the wrong day or at the wrong venue (trust me, DJ's giving the "sorry I got the dates wrong" excuse is used more often than you might think.) Cathy makes sure the whole thing runs like clockwork.

cath and DJ jim costello, mobile Disco  hire

Me and Cathy back in about 1988

(I've got a bit less hair and have a bit more skin filling since then)

It takes years to build up a good collection of music but in 1990 and after spending thousands of pounds and countless hours in the record stores of north London I decided to start all over again and switch to cds. This process took some time to complete and for several years used both cds and good old fashioned vinyl. I had custom built a record deck using two Technics 1200 turntables. Now one Technics 1200 is a very heavy thing but two, built into a study flight case with mixer, 32 band graphic equalizer, and power supply unit weighed nearly 180 pounds. It was relief to decommission that monster. The last dj to play a tune on my Technics was radio DJ and TV presenter Neil Fox on December 31st 1999, live on GMTV. They were doing a piece on dads doing dodgy disco dancing at millennium parties and wanted some retro kit to go with it. Strange why they thought of me. Today the only time my old technics and the rest of the retro kit come's out of storage are for film and tv work which is always great fun.

When CD's took over it was time for another re brand. I switched the name to Krunch (no mobile disco bit, just krunch) I suppose it was trying to reflect a more modern approach to mobile discos, a name that was minimalist but delivered maximum impact, seems a bit naff now. On reflection perhaps this was a tad confusing so in about 1993 I added the tag professional mobile disco. Later the fessional bit was dropped I.e. Krunch Pro Mobile Disco and then the Krunch bit was also dropped, well its one less thing to write. Finally I acquired a new Pro Mobile Disco domain name, and that leads us to these web pages today.

It’s more than 30 years since my first DJ experience and I’ve learnt a lot and had more than my fair share of embarrassing DJ moments since those early days. I have since performed for thousands of people, at numerous weddings, birthday parties, corporate functions, theme nights and on live TV, but one of my most fondly remembered is that first party back when I was 13. Even if I won the lottery I will still be behind the decks when I’m in my 90’s, so there plenty of time to book me for your next party. Cheers.

London 2012

Jim before London Olympic opening opening ceromony cast Jim at London Paralympic opening  paralympic village

Check out what DJ Jim did in 2012 as a games maker and as a cast member for the London Olympic Opening ceromony and Paralympic games.

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