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I was 15 years old and helping out in a night club, working the lights and stuff and about 10 mins before the doors opened the DJ said "I've just remembered, I've forgotten something, I'll be back in a bit" and dashed out of the club. I never quite understood the logic of the statement but realized I would be holding the fort until he got back, my bedroom DJ skills would be tested to the limit. I was set to do the first half hour or so, in a club full of people several years older than me, great. As the evening wore on and the venue filled out, it occurred to me the DJ was taking a lot longer than he had implied with phrase “a bit”. I realized I would have to go from warm up routine into dance DJ mode. A few requests came in and I thought, sod it lets do some floor fillers, by now there was about 300 people in the club and the dance floor was filling up nicely. I could not believe it, I was still at school and I was packing the dance floor of a proper grown up nightclub. I really got into it, dancing and signing along to the music I thought I was a superstar. For some reason I had kept the headphones on, maybe with the lack of stage monitors the headphones made the music sound so much better or I just thought it made me look more the part.

I was laying down all the most popular dance tunes because they were the only tracks I knew. On the dance floor things were warming up it was starting to get packed, I was loving it. I span round to check the records behind me; and unfortunately the headphone cable wrapped itself around me. Not bothered I quickly turned back to the deck to adjust a setting and continued with the records for about two minutes. I was dancing like a crazed catfish and singing quite loudly with my back to the crowd. I again spun round, john Travolta style to look at my audience.

Oops! Several hundred people were standing stone still looking at me (just like that bit in back to the future). I pealed the headphones off to hear the sound of silence followed by a crescendo of laughter. I had somehow turned off the output to the club and I was the only one hearing the music. What was even more embarrassing was I was now completely tangled in the headphone cable and I had to unwind myself before I could try to work out what I had done to the output.

All Djs will make mistakes when they are starting out. Its up to you if you want to let someone learning the trade take a chance on your special occasion. Or you can be sure of success and book DJ Jim for your next party. For a Reliable and professional disco service call Cathy on.
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