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Pro Mobile disco provides Kids Party DJs and mobile discos for School discos. Kids parties and school discos can be divided into three main groups, the music mix and mobile disco equipment used by the DJ should reflect this.

For the under fives a mobile disco is a bit overwhelming so disco partys work best for the five and over's. Party's for Kids 5-10 will often include games and competitions and the music selection will be instantly recognisable. Kids in this age group will not know or like the latest hot club tune, instead classic party dance favourite's will work much better. For example in the first half of 2012 Gangnam Style was a new tune that slowly became a sensation. As a brand new release it would not have been received well if the DJ played it at a kids party. However later in the year it became a must play record. During the 2012 Christmas season any Kids party and school Disco DJ would play this several times per show because the kids loved it.

If you are planning a party and looking for advice then a party for kids of 5-10 years old should be about 1 and a half hours. Perhaps a little longer if there are lots of kids attending and you are having a midway break for a party lunch. A tip for new DJs reading this and looking for ideas to play at a kids party will be current film soundtracks. Often the kids don't know what's in the charts but known what's in a popular film. 'I like to move' it for example became very popular when Madagascar was released in 2005 and remains so. More recently Despicable me 2 has made YMCA popular again for this age group.

For Kids of 10 - teens the music mix must be a bit more grown up and the current top pop tunes are a must. Boys will usually not be as quick to hit the dance floor as the girls but they will still like any competitive games, so a dance competition is always a great idea. If the boys have stuck to one wall and the girls to the other a good way to fill the empty dance floor in the middle is a limbo competition. Kids always love this bit of fun, two grown up helpers can simply join outstretched hands which serves as a limbo pole meaning no health and safety issues or props needed. Party's for this age range should be no more than 2 to 2 and half hours. Again the pre teens know exactly what they like and not so keen on anything else so its best to re spin a particular favourite track. During 2013 the DJ could get away with playing Gangnam Style more than once by 2014 Happy has taken over as the top party tune for kids.

Teenagers Partys

Early teens and upwards can not really be classed as Kids discos because this age group can be very demanding and know exactly what they like and will hate every thing else. This age group must be taken seriously and although our experienced party DJs always know what tunes work best in what situation, in this type of party and unlike any other party, a long prearrange play list actually works. The music played by the DJ should be what is requested and its much better to know this in advance. This age group will be well clued up on the very latest releases and underground pre chart hits. For a teenagers party the music must be played on a excellent sound system and the party DJ will also need a spectacular light show. A party for the 13 to 16 year olds should be around 3 hours. Prom Night party's are normally much longer and sometimes involve a sit down meal. For some more info on these events click Prom Party DJ.

For Kids parties we regret our insurance does not cover us to provide prizes as there is a health and safety concern regarding small parts that break of toys and could be swallowed. However we are able to hand out prizes provided by the client and unless its a game like pass the parcel a three cheers for the winner is often enough to keep the kids happy.

Kids Party DJ for School Discos

We provide Kids party DJs and mobile discos for School Discos. These parties work best for kids over 5/6 years old and if you exclude prom nights these parties tend to fit into one of two groups. Between the ages of 5 and 10 kids usually like current pop tunes from acts like Glee, One Direction, Girls Aloud etc and party dances like Cha Cha Slide, Y.M.C.A and currently Gangnam style. From the age of 10 music tastes become a bit more selective, and kids prefer a more grown up music selection. At a School Disco older kids will still join in party dances but prefer current popular tunes that sometimes contain graphic lyrics or inappropriate subject matter. A School Disco DJ needs to use discretion as not all requests can be played. If its a teenage party, we are often sent a long play list. This is the only time when long play lists work and gives everyone ownership of their party, this builds the buzz before the event. A pre arranged play list also gives pro mobile disco time to try to source the radio edits of favorite tunes.
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Kids party DJ and mobile disco for Children's parties. We also provide mobile discos for School Discos and prom night Party's.