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Pro Mobile Disco Terms and Conditions

1. It is the hirers responsibility to ensure a safe and spacious area in which to set up and operate our mobile disco equipment. Safety is paramount in our thoughts. In the event of the venue already being occupied such as a Wedding function, our operatives will require a clear access route from the point of entry to the point of set up. Moving heavy equipment through crowded corridors and doorways can lead to injury's. If a clear route is is not available or if there is not adequate space to work safely it may delay or prevent the equipment set up sequence thus affecting performance times.

2. All outstanding fees must be paid in full at the start of the evening and are not negotiable. Playing times are calculated from the start of the evening and as such are not affected by clocks going back or forwards etc.

3. Extensions to playing times will attract an additional charge which must be paid in full before the original finish time.

4. Although respectful of any of your guests suggestions that may be made on the night Pro Mobile Disco will remain responsible to the one person who signs our booking form. This avoids the possibility of contradictory instructions from venue staff or guests at your function who may wish to take over and run things their way instead of yours.

5. Pro Mobile Disco will always coordinate our services with other professionals the hirer may have engaged such as photographer, catering staff or other entertainers etc. Pro Mobile disco will respond to polite requests as appropriate but do not take absolute instructions from a third party. This avoids contradictory instructions and conflicting interests.

6. All fees are quoted on the basis of suitable unloading area and the availability of adequate parking . It is the hirers responsibility to inform us of parking restrictions such as red routes etc. When access and parking are difficult, additional logistical arrangements may be needed and a extra charge may apply. Please check on loading and unloading restrictions to your venue and advise us accordingly as all bookings are excepted on the basis there is reasonable access and parking available.

7. Pro Mobile Disco will always endeavor to play all specially requested music but sometimes it is not possible to acquire obscure tracks or when we are sent a very long play lists. However we are experienced party DJs and know a long play list do not help build the party atmosphere so Pro Mobile Disco can not give a 100% guarantee all requests are played. Check our advice on these subjects by clicking
DJ Music Requests and 100% Play lists for DJs.

8. For a standard size show Pro Mobile Disco will require about an hour to set up and the same time to pack away after the event. It is the hirers responsibility to ensure the venue allows this amount of time. If this is a problem we can alter our stage set or bring extra hands to speed the set up sequence, however this may attract an additional charge.

9. The Hirer is responsible for any loss or damage caused by the miss use of our equipment by anyone attending the event. During public events and if appropriate adequate security should be arranged by the hirer.

10. Pro Mobile Disco and its operatives are at no time responsible for any injury to persons or damage to property by the miss use of our equipment by anyone attending the event. Pro Mobile disco reserves the right to suspend or terminate our services with immediate effect without refund if our operatives are verbally or physical abused. The same condition apply's in the Pro Mobile disco operatives are given reason to feel unreasonably intimidated or threatened by anyone present at the event.

11. In very exceptional or unexpected circumstances we reserve the right to cancel our services without notice or liability beyond the fees already paid to us. However our clients can be assured Pro Mobile Disco has never once been late, suffered serious equipment failure or failed to perform. The show always goes on.

12. Cancellations by the client within 28 days prior to the event will require payment in full. Payment in full will also be required in the event of cancellation due to events such as power cut, fire, extreme weather conditions, terrorist activity etc. We strongly advice our clients to insure the event.

13. The amount and type Mobile Disco equipment brought to the event will be decided based on the information given to us at the time of booking Pro Mobile Disco. Generally we base this on knowledge of the venue and the numbers you are expecting. For example a venue where you are hosting a party for 400 people will need more mobile disco equipment than a party venue for 50. A surcharge may apply if extra mobile disco equipment or additional elements are required.

14. Any persons who will sign our booking form must be over 18 years of age. If booking a mobile a mobile disco for an organisation such as a School, club or company function etc the person signing this form must hold authority to take responsibility for all matters relating to the hire of Pro Mobile disco. In such cases a second signature may also be required.

If you have any questions about our Terms and conditions please contact us for more info.

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