Photos of the London Olympic ceremony cast backstage.
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I was in a sequence called Pandemonium and the other three main live sections of the Show were the pre show and first minutes of the live show called "Green and pleasant" which was followed by us then "Second Star to the right" and then "Thanks Tim". There was also some other bits such as James Bond and the Queen as well as Mr Bean that filled in the bits in between but the majority of the cast group had to change and get ready about a mile away from the stadium at Eton manor. Working men and women mixed with the Nurses from "The Second Star to the right" and the dances from the "Thanks Tim" sequence. It was a wonderful warm and sometimes sunny day, finally after the rain of the last few months it was time for a suntan. There was a large lawned area where everyone stretched out and relaxed thousands of photos were being taken as the ban was being completely ignored. olympic industrial revolution castTaking photos was not allowed during rehearsals for the olympic opening ceremony but in the finale days security turned a bit of a blind eye. Picture taken at the Eton manor dressing room area about a mile from the stadium. DJ Jim on his own, at the front in the middle.
mens dressing room the London olympic cast DJ Jim not in black tie industrial revolution men
jim at paralympic opening jim at dagenham coldplay at dagenham paralympic rehearsal

The role of working man was to come on and smash up England's Green and pleasant, land building factories and chimneys to power the machines of the modern age. This had to be done with a grim face determination so the middle photo taken about three hours before the opening ceremony is Jim getting into character and he will not normally turn up to your party dressed like that. DJ Jim (also available in black-tie) was also a cast member for both the Paralmypic ceremonies and part of the recreation team in the athletes village as a games maker.

London Olympic athletes village The Globe London Olympics

Pro Mobile disco DJ Jim is in the middle at the back under the Agitos. The other picture was taken out side the Globe which was the athletes pub in the olympic village. This was not a normal pub as it was athletes only and didn't serve any beer. However there were lots of pool tables, computer games such as X box and play stations, a DJ Mix Booth, Live entertainment, Garden games in the outside area, plenty of PCs with internet connections and a private cinema. When the world came to London the athletes all came to the Globe to relax. Jim was fortunate to be one of a very small team that worked in the Globe and the other areas used for the athletes recreation.

The London Olympic and Paralmypic games 2012
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