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When it was announced that London had won the bid for the Olympic games Pro mobile disco DJ Jim volunteered to be a games maker. Some time later he received an email asking him to also audition for the opening ceremony and never being one to miss a party, DJ Jim applied. Click on the links below for a behind the scenes inside story.

Although the summer of 2012 was one of the wettest on record it will most often be remembered for the London Olympics. In the months and years before the 27th July 2012 there were many grumbles and concerns over organisational issues, security matters and traffic not to mention the cost. In the end most everyone loved it. Its just like a party its going to cost, the bigger it is the more expensive it will be, but if it is one of those once in a lifetime events its always going to be worth it.

Pro Mobile Disco DJ Jim was in the industrial revolution sequence of the London Olympic opening ceremony as well as a cast member for the opening and closing of the Paralmypics.

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The London Olympic party may be over but that's no reason to get down in the dumps. Hire a Mobile Disco and plan your own party to cheer your friends and family up. Go retro and make it a fun theme party, or book a birthday party DJ to celebrate how young you still are. Weddings are always great fun as are special anniversary parties. Hire a professional Mobile Disco and make any kind of party celebration a night to remember. Our rates for mobile discos in London Essex Hertfordshire and across the UK are fantastic value and we always aim to exceed your expectations.

If you have found this webpage because you are planning a party and looking for a mobile disco in London, Essex or Hertfordshire etc then please click on the home page for more info on Discos and DJ hire. However you may have found this page if you are looking for stories about the London Olympic games and this is how pro Mobile Disco DJ Jim was involved. Recently DJ Jim spent a lot of time in east London rehearsing for some shows. The content of the shows were all top secret and took many hours of rehearsal time. There are also some exclusive behind the screens photos as well as an account of how Jim part of the show was put together.