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Its your party and you want everything to be perfect. The music selection is a massive part to the success of the evening and you may be tempted to want to decide the music selection in advance. Some people spend hours listing all their favourite tunes and even ask guests to suggest a music selection when they RSVP adding these to the list. It may be that this is what you are doing now and you have found this webpage while searching for ideas on creating the perfect party playlist. However parties are far more unpredictable than most people realise and long prearranged play lists are always a terrible mistake.

A piece of music can set off a chain reaction, if there is one person who really likes a tune they can infect the whole crowd with their enthusiasm. Pro Mobile Disco has filled the floor by playing dance anthems at 80th birthday party's and performed at 18th birthday parties when granny dancing to knees up mother brown has rocked the house. This is something that can only ever be judged on the night, because on the dance floor things change so quickly and can be completely unpredictable.

A good party DJ who will read the crowd sensing any change in mood can adapt the music mix to match. For this reason a fixed and predetermined DJ playlist will probably ruin your party. DJs who say they love 100% play lists usually don't have that much DJ experience and want to work with a safety net, they want you to take responsibility for the night when it's a flop. The only reason people believe playlists are a good idea is that there are more than a few duff DJs around with no clue of how a party works. This type of DJ will charge about the same as us but more often than not get it all wrong.

Still not sure? then why hire a DJ, its unlikely anyone would say to the Limo driver ''pull over here, I'll drive'' or to the photographer ''give me the camera, I'm pretty good with the happy snaps''. A good party DJ should have many years party experience in all kinds of functions and have the flexibility to adapt to the audience in a real time situation. So although a long list of requested music is always great, Pro Mobile Disco has only ever used a 100% play list once, and the party was a total disaster.

Having said all this it is your party, so a list of between 10 - 30 tunes is about right and music requests on the night are always very welcome. Everyone feels involved if they can influence what music is played and knowing if the person who asked for a track is in the room and more importantly going to dance to it is essential. Pro Mobile Disco know you will not want leave the music to random chance but we have the ability to read the crowd and know what will work on the dance floor. This is the best way to build a party atmosphere.

However there is one type of party when long or 100% do work and that's at a teenagers disco party or Prom night. Teenagers tend to like what they like and hate everything else so there is no point wasting any time with something that will not work. When we perform at a School Prom Night party we encourage the organisers to send Pro Mobile Disco a list of Requested music. Often the list is so long it amounts to more than a 100% play list. However because everyone feels that they have ownership of the party they approach the evening with a more positive attitude.

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To conclude our thoughts on this matter, strict 100% play lists for DJs never work and DJs that encourage clients to provide a 100% list probably have no party experience. But we do love request's, 10 to 30 is about right. However for any DJ it is far easier to work with a 100% play list, so as it's your party if you want it we'll play it.

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