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For your next party why not do something different and take it back to yester-year retro music style. Pick a year in your life, say the year you left school, lets face it the music was brilliant then. Choose another year perhaps when you started work, again another year of top pop tunes. We can focus on just one theme or decade such as 70s Disco 80s pop or going way back with 50's rock n roll. We can also mix it up and play the biggest dance floor hits (which are not necessarily the same as the biggest chart hits) from the past to make a retro hit mash up.

A blast from the past makes a fun theme for your party. For a retro music theme parties our DJs will play the best 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s dance Music to make it a smash hit event. A party DJ can play the best and proven floor filling tracks from each era to ensure a busy dance floor. If its your silver, ruby or golden wedding anniversary we can play the music from when you first met. If its your 40th, 50th, or 60th birthday party etc we can play the hits from your School days, teen years or 21st birthday party. Theme parties give everyone a chance to get into fancy dress and that always breaks the ice. Dress up and get down to 70s dance floor classics played by 70s DJ in London, Essex, Hertfordshire, Berkshire and Bucks.

Old Skool is the new cool. Most people will think back to an earlier time and agree, music today is not as good as it was then. This is true, or to put it another way completely untrue. The real truth is that at any point in the UK chart history there would be rubbish music which we have wisely forgotten. However there would also be classic tracks which we remember and love. Unfortunately a less experienced party DJ, who is only playing tracks from compilation albums will not know what's a hit and what's a miss until it creates a dance floor walk off. For example if you love 80's music do you love the massive number one "There's no one quite like Grandma", or the chirpy classic "Orville's song". These tracks all make our worst tunes of the 80s list and some serious money would have to change hands before we would give these terrible tunes a spin at an 80s retro music party. Although some terrible tunes made it to the top of the charts sometimes its the less successful tracks that have a more positive effect on the dance floor.

With experience, the party DJ can filter out all the rubbish and no matter what period you pick for your retro music theme party there will still be a wealth of great tracks to choose from. In fact music selections can usually be honed down even further. For instance 60's Motown is very different to swinging sixties Mersey beat or music from the 60s flower power generation etc.

What about 70s glam rock verses 70's punk rock, so different yet this music was divided in the charts only by about a year. 70's soul and disco are similar but you could have a Retro seventies music party playing one or the other, or both.

80s music party's are very popular, with a broad range of music styles to choose from. New wave bands with the distinct electronic sound can help set the tone of a retro party, and tunes from the hugely popular 80's boy bands like Duran Duran, ABC and Spandau Ballet will build the dance floor action. Maintaining popularity particularly amongst the chaps is the ska and reggae inspired sounds of bands like Madness, Bad Manners and UB40. These bands have provided us with some classic floor fillers that will even get dad on the dance floor, at a Family Party Disco.

Towards the end of the 80's, dance took over. During a party everyone started shouting aciiiiiiiid... House (which is different to earlier Chicago house) this doesn't work that well at Retro party today but is set for a comeback. The bit in the middle 80s is often the most popular. This can be divided in to different groups, ie cheesy pop tunes from artists such as Wham, Kylie, Mel and Kim, etc or discos classics from Whitney Houston, Alexander O'Neill, MJ and Luther Vandross etc.

The best Retro night disco parties would usually involve a combination of everything. Picking the best and most popular floor filling smash hits from each decade and style is a sure way to guarantee a great Retro disco party. Or why not plan your party around these suggestions.

Swinging Sixties
60's Soul and Motown
Glam rock/70s pop party
70's Disco
Nineties Music
80's Disco
80's cheesy pop party
90s Dance Music
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Or blend the music styles and mix old skool, pop and disco with 90's and now. We can provide a DJ with 50s 60s 70s 80s music etc that will play your favourites hits from each decade.

These are some the most popular combinations for Retro party nights but if you are planning a Retro disco party and prefer something different contact us direct to see how we might help.

Retro Music party DJ's, 70's disco, 80's dj hire.

Pro Mobile Disco supplies Old Skool DJs and mobile discos for Retro music partys. We have very experienced 70's DJ, and have 80's music DJs that will help make your eighties's night theme party a poptastic success. Pro mobile disco has great hire rates for 90 DJs and 70s and 80s music Mobile Discos in London. For a Retro 70s disco Party DJ or a 80s pop party call Pro Mobile Disco we have a great disco deal for you.