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Each year we provide several mobile discos for School discos and we always know how to get the party going. There are basically three main age groups for School discos and these are the very young kids of 5 to 7 the 8 to 11's and the older prom party teenage discos. Click on Prom Party DJs for more info on Mobile discos for Teenagers partys and School proms or click on School Party DJs for useful hints on organising a School Disco.

Mobile Disco Lighting

Just about any school discos will take place in a large School hall so we always bring lots of mobile disco equipment especially lighting. Lots of colours and shapes dancing across the walls floor and ceiling will create the right party atmosphere and turns the boring School hall into a real disco. Kids love flashing disco lights and we never disappoint with lighting that throws a kaleidoscope of colour into every corner of the School hall.

DJ Sound System

When you hire a Mobile Disco for a School Disco its essential the DJ uses a great sound system. Cheap mobile disco sound systems may just about sound ok at low volume, in a small venue, but in a large School Hall which is going to have a echo it will sound terrible. Cheap Disco equipment can easily distort the music when the speakers and amp a pushed to hard. The music may be loud enough but music should be clear and not sound like an aircraft taking off. Although its probable Kids will not be as fussy when it comes to full frequency range, a clear sound is very important. And amplified sound that is distorted can permanently damage the hearing of young children or adults for that matter. There is no getting round it, a large school hall needs a large sound system, that can reproduce the music the kids love at the appropriate level without distortion.

A great mobile disco sound system and light show will make kids want to join in have fun and dance. When we set up the mobile disco equipment we always do so with safety in mind, so we do not leave exposed cables or things Kids can trip over.

Party Music

For a school disco music is the main thing. We play upbeat party music and the most popular music from the current charts. Sometimes the most popular tracks will get a re spin as kids know what they like and don't mind if they hear a track they really like more than once. At the end of 2012 we played Gangnam Style 4 times in one School Disco party. This was the first time we ever played a record 4 times but it was appropriate for the occasion. On each play the kids got better at the dance and by the end of the party all the teachers and head master joined in too. However by the Summer School disco party the kids hated it because music does have a play by date. What was once massively popular dance track fades and becomes boring, knowing what's currently popular is the key to a successful School disco party. For this reason we never assume if a track worked really well on one occasion it will have the same reaction the next time. A school disco party DJ needs to be versatile and know what's are popular and classic party dance tracks the kids love.

Competitions and Prizes

Unfortunately we do not tend to do competitions with us supplying the prizes at school discos as our insurance does not allow us to do this. With toys small parts can break off and and be swallowed, and some kids are allergic to some sweets etc. For these reasons we can only give out prizes supplied by the organiser. However Kids do not really need prizes to enjoy a School disco party as long as the music is good and giving prizes can make the kids that miss feel upset. Most times its best to avoid prizes altogether. A big round of applause and a name check is usually is enough for the winner to feel like a champ. Competitions are great at small kids parties but at large school disco with a hundred or more Kids competitions become totally impractical. During most games, Kids get eliminated, so they have to sit on the sidelines watching and getting bored. Bored kids at a School Disco is the last thing you want, so activity's that encourage everyone to get involved is what we aim for. Push a few blown up balloons into the middle of the hall and ask the kids not to let these touch the floor is a great game that involves everyone. To make sure these don't get stepped on too soon the balloons can be of two or more colours with two or more teams. Younger kids especially love this game and can last for ages. At the end everyone gets a big round of applause as there can be no clear winners or more importantly losers.

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