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Going back and checking it out, ready for some more; hit that floor the great days are back again. That's a line from a 1982 tight fit record called back to the sixties. Many party DJs will plonk this on when asked to play 60s music as it includes many number 1 hits of the 60s mixed up with an up tempo dance beat. However for your 60s music theme night you don't just want a party dance mix, you want the real thing.

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The sixties are often referred to as a watershed in the UK youth culture, what went before was swept away by the kids who just wanted to do their own thing. The seeds of this change may well have been sown in the 50s when rationing was still in effect and the country was recovering from the war. By contrast the American economy was booming and a new wave of popular music, rock 'n' roll was taking the music charts by storm. The young people of Britain wanted the same up tempo beat music as the Americans and were developing their own independent rock'n'roll sounds like Skiffle. Skiffle was a fusion of folk, jazz and rhythm & blues and helped ensure the teen scene had arrived. It didnt take long for the UK to start exporting, and he US music charts in the mid sixties saw the British invasion. Mersey Beat as well as other UK acts were the sound for a new generation. The 1960s saw popular music groups from the UK like the Beatles, Kinks and the Rolling Stones become world famous.

Not all music acts from the 60s took themselves so seriously. Screaming Lord Such confessed a total lack of vocal talent but made many records anyway. Pro Mobile DJ Jim's mum used to organise dances back in the early 60s as well as booking acts like the Tottenham Sound of Dave Clark Five she regularly booked acts like Lord Such, (monster raving loony party). She said "although his singing was terrible the outrageous show was a spectacle in itself. It was not just about the music but also a crazy stage performance.

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If you are planning a 60s music theme night Pro Mobile Disco can help. Since the early 1980s we have performed at many retro 60s music theme nights and have a huge selection of 60's music. From experience our 60s music DJs know what are the most popular tunes from the first golden age of British pop. Or if you like, you can always play that record by tight fit.

Pro mobile disco provides sixties music Djs in London, Essex, Hertfordshire, Berkshire, Kent and Buckinghamshire. We use quality mobile disco equipment so your favourite 60s tunes will sound better than ever and we can help make your 60s theme night party into a fantastic swinging sixties celebration. Contact us for a no obligation quote on a specialist 60s music or retro theme party DJ and Mobile Disco hire.