Hints and tips on planning a Surprise party with advice by Pro mobile disco DJs.
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Organising any kind of party is a very stressful experience so trying to keep a surprise party secret until the last second is going to be extremely difficult. Here is some info we hope you may find helpful.

If you are planning a party for someone you live with, you will need some co conspirators to help, not the kids, as they will defiantly give the game away. when planning a party many people will need to be contacted and people will also want to contact you. If you keep having to leave the room every time you make or receive a phone call then the intended victim of your surprise will guess something's going on. Delegate as many jobs as you can to friends or family who do not live with you.

If you have managed to keep the whole thing secret you will then need a believable cover story to get the surprise target to the venue and into the party room without rousing suspicion. The thing that often gives the game away is that you haven't established a convincing pretence for going into the party venue. The lucky beneficiary of your hard work (or can we say victim) will defiantly twig if you make them dress up and go to a venue without a believable reason for doing so. To help avoid suspicion use misdirection, perhaps don't have the surprise party exactly when the target thinks it might happen, a week or two before or after their birthday/anniversary etc.

Who put out the lights? The classic image of a surprise party is when the person to be surprised walks into a dark room that appears empty. The lights come on and everyone jumps out shouting surprise. The reality is that nobody in the history of partys has ever not been suspicious of being asked to go into a dark hall with no explanation why. This is even more the case if you have to drive the person to the venue and park in a car park full of cars and these cars belong to friends and family. Honesty is the best policy, tell them its a party you are going to just don't say its theirs. Someone else's party is a great cover story and you can also say "we'll just pop in for half an hour and then go onto the restaurant for our own celebration" This way it will seem normal to hear music or laughter as they approach the party room. Post a look out so when you arrive the focus of attention is fixed on the guest of honor as you arrive.

The restaurant cover story is great because you can get a friend (not known by the target) to phone at the last minute (make sure your not around to answer the phone) they might say something like "this is the manager of the restaurant and its about your table booked for 9 o clock, we are very sorry but we have double booked can you be hear by 8 instead." This will also give you the chance to phone back before leaving home to tell everyone you are on your way and to get ready, if your victim is around they will not suspect a thing. By adding the pressure of time, your victim will also have less time to spot any thing that might give away the surprise.

If you have made it to the party room and managed kept the whole thing under wraps you have done a fantastic job. For an extra surprise why not prepare a this is your life style presentation, and introduce all the party guests, this will help to break the ice and give the guest of honor time to drink a double brandy and get over the shock. When the party person recovers from their surprise don't forget to remind them just how hard you had to work, and just how wonderful you really are. Pro Mobile disco can provide professional Party DJ's for Birthday celebrations and Mobile Discos for Surprise Party's at great rates.

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