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You may have found this webpage if you are searching the internet and looking for a mobile disco to hire or you just want some ideas to help organise a surprise party. With over 30 years experience in all kinds of social celebrations we do know a thing or two about planning a party and although you must always make your own judgments we offer some advice you may wish to consider. Please check Surprise Party Advice page for some party Planning ideas.

If you are secretly planning to give someone a party they will never forget we would love to be in on it. Book Pro Mobile Disco and be surprised at just how good a Mobile Disco can be. We have loads of experience in all kinds of events and can make sure you have the best party possible. Pro Mobile Disco also has the extra surprise of low rates for Mobile Disco Hire.

Surprise parties are always great fun, normally a surprise party gets going quickly. For most parties some people like to arrive fashionably late, however this doesn't happen at a surprise party. Party guests will get to the venue early, as its bad form to arrive after the big surprise moment. By the time the target of the surprise party arrives most of the guests have had a couple of drinks and are already in a party mood. The dance floor fills up quickly and everyone has a great time.

If you are planning a surprise party you don't want it ruined at the last minute by a DJ who phones the night before and spills the beans. Imaging the if the person who was to receive the surprise party answers the DJ's phone call and asks "who is it" and the DJ says "its the DJ for the party tomorrow." To avoid this we ask for alternate emergency contact numbers and have prearranged times when we will call. In addition if anyone other than the contact person answers we will have a pre arranged code story to tell. This might be something like "its Jim from work will you get (contact person) to phone me when you can nothing to worry about thanks" we will also always double check you can speak freely. If the person you are trying to surprise is in the background when you are speaking to your Mobile Disco they will soon guess what's going on.

Pro mobile disco has performed at numerous surprise parties, some of these surprise parties have been theme nights such as 80s party's or 70s discos. We have very experienced 80s dj in London, and 70's mobile discos who will mix the music to match the theme of your special occasion and surprise party event.

Click more Surprise Party Hints for some extra thoughts on planning a surprise party for someone special.

Hints to help organise a surprise Party and hire a Mobile Discos and party DJ at great rates.