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M/C & Master of Ceremonies

A perfect Wedding celebration or a formal Function is made complete with the services of a professional Toastmaster. Be it formal Dinner party, Civic ceremony or Wedding breakfast the Toastmaster will add a traditional element of pomp and splendor to your special occasion.

master of ceremonies and toastmaster in essex
Director of Ceremonies and Toastmaster Jonathan Wyner
toastmaster David Wylie

David Wylie M/C Masonic functions, ladies nights, Master of Ceremonies
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The role of a A Professional Toastmaster is to officiating at your engagement and if required guide you through the etiquette of the day. The Master of Ceremonies will be ready to meet you before your function and check the details to your event such as the running order for speeches or any presentations that may be made. If you are planning an event the services of a professional Toastmaster also known as Master of ceremonies will give you a greater confidence that the event will run smoothly.

If its a presentation evening or formal dinner, when the guests have taken their places the Toastmaster will announce the entrance of the guests of honor thus marking the start of the celebrations. At formal dinner's one of the traditional roles for The Toastmaster/Master of ceremonies is to say grace or announce the nominated person to do so before the meal begins. If there are any other additional announcements to make the Toast Master will make these as appropriate. The role of M/C will also involve Liaising with the any other professionals involved with the event to ensure any last minute snags are smoothed over leaving you free to enjoy the occasion. A Toastmaster will prove invaluable by helping to make the special day that much more special.

We have provided mobile Discos for numerous weddings and our wedding DJ can act as M/C but the services of a professional toast master, resplendent in the tradition red coat and formal attire will always set your function apart.